Pool Safety Tips

Having a pool is a delight for many people.  The pool will increase the value of your home, give you a place to relax and enjoy the summer heat and designs a space for parties and other get-togethers.  When looking for a Pool construction company Atlanta you will want to sit down with them to design a pool that is not only fun and functional, it also has to be safe.  Here are some safety tips for designing and building your pool.

Pool depth

Pools are for swimming not for jumping and horsing around in.  This is why having a shallower pool depth will be safer than having a deep pool.  When we have a deep pool, we encourage excessive horseplay which could result in more injuries.  Also, when we have a deeper pool it decreases your ability to use the deeper ends.  Most people won’t use the deep end of a pool because they can’t touch.

Pool shape

The design and shape of your pool is important as well.  Sticking with a traditional round or rectangular pool is okay but taking a little bit of a leap and doing a custom shape will add some extra something to your yard.  Through the design process consider having rounded corners as well as bench seating in areas.  With the bench seating your visitors can sit and relax in the water without having to swim.

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Tile patterns

Consider being creative with some different tile patterns.  Throwing in a unique tile here and there along the top edge of the pool or even doing a design at the bottom of the pool will add some additional attractive features.

Fence holes

The deck of your pool also needs to be considered.  When creating your deck make sure to have fence pole holes installed. With these holes you will be able to install a fence that will prevent young children from accessing the pool unattended.